Firestone Building Products Company, LLC Teams With AAA Roofing Co. To Help The Elderly

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FSBP installs green roof2.pngIn an effort to create a more beautiful, environmentally friendly scene at an Indianapolis, Ind., home for seniors, Firestone Building Products Company, LLC and AAA Roofing Co. teamed up recently to install a green roof at St. Augustine's Home for the Aged in Indianapolis, Ind.

[Photo at left: Representatives from Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, AAA Roofing Co. and the St. Augustine Home for the Aged take a break from installing a new green roof atop the nursing home.]

Workers prepared a modular tray on the roof in the morning and then installed plants in the afternoon.


[Photos below: Views of the green roof during and after installation.]

Vegetative roofs offer a number of environmental and economic benefits, including: retaining more than 70 percent of rainfall to lessen the burden on municipal storm water management systems, lowering the home's heating and cooling costs and protecting the roofing material from wind, hail, heat and UV damage. The roof also provides a habitat for local birds and other wildlife.

FSBP installs green roof3.png FSBP installs green roof.png    

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